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Is solar right for me?

For most suburban and rural settings and applications; solar power is usually the best choice for the following reasons.

A solar power system:

  • Has no moving parts

  • Has better reliability and a 25 year warranty

  • Requires less monitoring

  • Does not require expensive maintenance

  • Provides more predictable energy output based on BOM and NASA data.

  • Better value for money in sites with average wind speeds less than 5 meters per second

  • Is less conspicuous than a wind turbine

  • Is totally silent in operation

  • Allows for quicker installation  with less cable required

  • Is less susceptible to lightning damage

  • Is less susceptible to high wind damage.

  • Requires less space in most cases as the panels can be installed on a roof


How does a solar power work?

Solar is a 100% clean and renewable energy source that allows you to generate your own electricity using the sun's energy. The process and technology have been proven over the last thirty years.


Solar panels installed on the roof or on a mounting system on your property convert sunlight into electricity. Typically, you'll need a southern-facing roof or flat roof that is not shaded by trees or other obstructions. During a site survey we can determine how much shade is present at your location at any time of the year and size and install a system accordingly.


When the sun hits your solar panels, electrons are released creating direct current or DC power. This DC power is then sent into an inverter, which takes the power from the solar system and converts it to standard alternating current, normal in any home. This AC power is fed into your electrical box and distributed into the home. Any excess power that your system generates beyond your electric demand can be sold back to your local utility at the standard residential rates per kilowatthour.


Solar power has many benefits

  • Generate clean, free electricity every day with your solar electric system

  • Improve your property value by installing a solar electric system

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing your electric demand

  • Lower your electric bill by generating your own electricity

  • Get a strong return on your initial investment that gets better as electric rates increase in the future


How expensive is a solar system?

Solar technology has come a long way in the last few years and is a very viable economic alternative energy source. Steady utility rate increase and a 30+ year life span of a solar system make this a more attractive choice than many realize. Return on investment rates for solar are better than many other investment options given state, local and federal incentives available.


How do I get started?

Natures Current can come to your home or business for a complimentary site survey and determine what type of system makes sense given your current electric usage, possible efficiency upgrades as well as the size and solar resources at your property.


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